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Total Brand have been creating professional graphic design and website solutions for small to medium sized businesses for over ten years. With clients throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond we're always happy to talk about your creative requirements. There's no time like the present...

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We can support your business with an array of additional services to help you grow. Photography, Social Media, E-newsletters, SEO, E-commerce... you name it and we'll make it happen.

Wild Arabia

Sponsored by National Geographic Al Arabiya and Dolphin Energy, Wild Arabia is one of the largest collaborative environmental awareness campaigns in the Arab World. Featuring 100 stunning photographs from National Geographic Al Arabiya, the project showcases Arabia’s wildlife to the world through exhibitions, events and their flagship website.

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Collateral: Logo, Website, Brochure

  • Wild Arabia logo
  • Wild Arabia website
  • Wild Arabia brochure
  • Wild Arabia arabic website
  • Wild Wonders of Europe logo
  • Wild Wonders of Europe website
  • Wild Wonders of Europe website
  • Wild Wonders of Europe gallery

Wild Wonders of Europe

With over 60 photographers being sent on assignments to the 48 countries of Europe, Wild Wonders of Europe has been a hugely ambitious and successful project. Total Brand worked closely with Wild Wonders to get the branding just right. Two versions of the website then followed (pre and post launch) and the project has been unstoppable ever since.

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Collateral: Logo, Website, E-newsletter